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Magento 2 'Hello World' Module

Hi folks. Our previous post was about configuring the WAMP server and installing Magento 2. That’s all what is needed for a basic user. For a developer who is striving to get their hands dirty on Magento coding, the rudimentary step would be to develop a 'Hello World' module. Yes, today we are going to dive into the coding part and say hello to the world in Magento 2 style.

How to hide mobile Keypad in Appium

Hello All, In this article, we are going to see the ways to hide mobile keypad in Appium Use of hide mobile keypad: In automation testing, the keypad frequently pops up and we have to close it manually every time. In order to avoid this, the below syntax is used, so that the process continues without any delay or crash.

Artistic Velanites

We at Velan Info Services offer a wide range of services. One of them is designing. We have an excellent team of designers who are extremely creative and artistic. Our designers have won over ten designing contests. The designs our designers showcased in all these contests were outstandingly good and hence they were recognised. Velan has umpteen services to offer as far designing is concerned. To name some: flyers, brochures, banners, website designs, etc. Take a look at the assortment of our designs.

Appium Installation for Android

Hello All, We are going to see about Appium Installation for Android. What is Appium? Appium is an open source testing automation tool for mobile applications. It allows you to test the following three types of mobile applications native, hybrid, and web applications.

Baidu Map in Android

Hello All, We are going to see about Baidu Map in Android. Baidu Map Introduction: • Google Maps is not accessible in China. In this case Baidu map is used to display locations in China. • Baidu Map provides a lot of methods like Google, to get accurate and more flexible location view.


Professional email templates are quite essential for a lot of purposes including marketing. When you design an email template you will have to spend a lot of time on it. We have some tips for you to get started and design a professional email template quickly.

Install Magento 2 in WAMP Server

Magento, one of the most stable ecommerce systems has released its most awaited version – Magento 2. The fascination for Magento 2 has already begun and developers have started digging into the Magento 2 folders to learn various things. Most commonly, novice developers use WAMP server for learning as well as development. This post is about setting up the server configurations and installing Magento 2 in WAMP server.

Recycle View in Android

Hello All, We are going to know something about using Recyclerview in Android. Recyclerview Introduction: • Recyclerview is the most advanced version of list view, used to display collection of data in an efficient way. • Any page which needs a list of items to be displayed consumes more memory/reference to create more number of views and load it in a list

Simple 2D Car Game Using UIViewAnimation in iOS

iOS provides some basic cool animations in UIView like fade in, fade out, move, rotate, and transform. And the best part of iOS operating system is that we can do great stuff in couple of codes. In this article we are going to see how to implement a Simple 2D Car Game in iOS. iOS provides API to access device Motion using CMMotionManager class. Using this class you can detect the acceleration of device.


Magento provides various options to import data into the system. We can use the magento import feature to create products and customers in bulk. There might be situations where you might need to import bulk product images for existing products. This article explains how to import product images using the Magento's Dataflow.