Managing Checkout Fields in Magento 1

Checkout is one of the most crucial and important step in the Magento website product purchase process. It is the place that decided the win or die situation.

Managing Checkout Fields in Magento 1

Customers tend to raise complaints when they find the checkout process to be a very lengthy one or if tedious to complete. Making it easy and accessible is one responsibility that every Magento store owner should take accountable for.

Today we will look into the step to customize your Magento 1 store checkout so that you as a store owner or a developer can help ease the checkout process of the customers.

1. Login to Magento admin panel and go to System -> Configuration.

2. Click on the Customer Configuration menu item under the Customers.

3. Click on the “Name and Address Options” title to expand the same.

4. Each of the drop-down list in this section will be having the following values:

    a. No – Your customers will not see the options when this is chosen.

    b. Optional – This field will be displayed to your customers, but the field would not be mandatory. They can either specify the value or leave it blank.

    c. Required - This field will be displayed to your customers and the field would be mandatory. They will need to specify the value and cannot leave it blank.

5. Navigate to GENERAL -> General

6. If you want to make the Postal Code (Zip Code) optional for certain countries, you can specify it in the “Postal Code is Optional for the following countries” field.

7. If you decide to hide the States drop-down for certain countries, click on the “States Options” and specify the values for “State is required for”.

8. Click on the “Save Config” button once all the changes are done.

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