Top 5 Ways to Convert E-commerce Visitors into Customers - Part 1

The technology that drives businesses today is so tremendous that the time involved in setting up an online business has drastically come down.

Top 5 Ways to Convert E-commerce Visitors into Customers - Part 1

It’s almost a norm for every business to own a website these days and flag its digital presence. And platforms like Magento do a good job in bringing this to pass.

Does your business have a digital address? No? it’s not too late. Websites contour digital presence and infuse a sense of credibility that goes a long way in engaging customers and capturing sales. The design and content that make up a website will be highly critical to determining the success of your business. So, pay close attention to the design, color, content, and ease of navigation to charm and convert your visitors.

Generally, the initial goal of online business would be tailored around metrics that would measure traffic routed to your website. And the primary focus would be on increasing the number of visitors. However, that will only account for the initial part of the buyer’s journey. Routing in traffic with no potency is as unproductive as no traffic at all. The catch is to intrigue the customers and keeps them interested, ensuring they stay aboard along the entire journey.

Although, the ratio of visits to converts is usually disappointing, there are few tactics and hacks that can help improve the conversion ratio and generate revenue. To leverage and reap benefits from the appeal of your website, it would be critical to transform at least some of those on-the-fence visitors into customers. Instating a mechanism that could keep your pipeline of prospects full will be a herculean challenge. Luckily, there are many tactics and useful tips that can help convert popularity to profitability.

There are a multitude of strategies to allure and attract visitors and then convert them into customers. With a whole list of options available, it must be noted that there is no one right way to do it. You can mix and match the various options at your disposal and experiment to analyze what works best for you. Let’s look at few of the hacks that can help you convert every click your website amasses.

1. Infusing Interoperability

With technology propelling the word we live in today right from the front, smartphones have become an inevitable necessity. Keeping abreast with the ever-dynamic trend, smartphone users and smartphone buyers are profusely increasing daily. Studies show that an average American spends over 10 hours watching, reading, listening or simply interacting with social media. And the numbers have considerably gone up by a few hours since just 4 years ago. Amongst such activities, the engagement on smartphones, computers, and tablets alone account for about 3 hours 48 minutes. Thus, making mobiles and tablets the best mediums to attract potential customers.

Firstly, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. When a visitor shows up at your website, ensure that he feels welcome with the colors, aesthetics and engaging interface. Some visitors may stumble onto your website accidentally, tap these opportunities by giving them something to remember. If you manage to make an impression, the odds of conversion will shoot up immediately. This strategy will help convert more customers and aid the grow your sales figures substantially.

2. The Skeptic-Slamming ‘S’ Effect:

Online shoppers today, have a myriad of choices to pick from. This gives them enough room to make an analyzed and well-informed decision. While compelling discounts and offers may be appealing, not many customers would trade it for a platform they are comfortable and feel secure with.

Skepticism is what drives most customers away in this avenue. Given that your online store is a hub of confidential information like a customer’s credit card number, address, it would be natural for anyone to think twice. To dispel skepticism and cynicism ensure security to your clients with a promise without compromise.

The ‘s’ at the end of http always instils the sense of security most online shoppers look for. To avert unnecessary risks, ensure that your online store is equipped with SSL certificate, updated to the latest version and is password protected with necessary backups. An ideal Magento setup can help solve this.

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