5 Ways Small Businesses Can Optimize Their Magento Store Once Launch

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Optimize Their Magento Store Once Launch

Small businesses, in general, find it difficult to get around it. Magento commerce, built on modern platforms technologies, modular code base, new architecture and development practices is in itself optimized to meet the growing business demands and sales. Besides being cost effective it has a simplified dashboard that makes it easier for small businesses to handle the platform and optimize the store for business growth.

Here are 5 ways in which Small businesses can optimize their Magento Store after launch

1. Routing Traffic with regular Content Updates

Regular and consistent addition of relevant content will help drive traffic to the website. An improvement in search rankings will result in an increase in ROI. Irrelevant content that affects the ranking of SEO should be removed from the website. Content should be updated in close relevance to the concerned business. Short contents can be consolidated into multiple long ones as these gain higher rankings than the short ones. Links on the website should be checked and tested regularly. Broken links have a negative impact on search engine rankings.

2. Social Marketing

In today’s world, Social Media has gained the upper hand in every walk of daily life, with marketing being no exception. Social Media platforms are considered the best ways to generate sales. However, the selection of the right platform to target the right audience is highly critical. Given that the number of customers in social media is exponentially increasing, chances of them buying products they see in the feed are consistently shooting up. Including Social share button, the Magento site will help share products online, which in turn will drive sales back to the website.

Integration of Social Login Extension will also help customers bypass the mundane registration process and use their social media accounts to log in and check out instantaneously.

Further, Addition of Magento Social Extension will help bring more exposure to the business as it would connect the social page to the website.   

3. Products Review and Ratings

Today a consistent 4-5 start product review would speak a lot more than a convincing advertisement shot in the Swiss Alps User-generated content can drive a lot of traffic to the website. Though Product Reviews are inbuilt in Magento commerce, there are various Reviews and Rating Extensions available in Magento Commerce; this plays a vital role in earning the trust and goodwill of customer.

4. Optimizing Checkout Process

So as to boost the sales along with increasing conversion rate, optimization of the checkout process by Magento commerce one step checkout extension would go a long way. With one step checkout extension, all the checkout process appears on a single page and it is easy for the customers to modify any step. It is not only fast and time-saving but it also helps to reduce the abandon cart and provides customer a better user interface.

 5. Offer Live Chat and 24/7 Support

A live chat and 24/7 support always add to the weight of the integrity that comes with the website.  The Magento extension that provides this feature would help the website go a long way as customers would have a sense of approachability. You can engage your customers by providing them quick answers via chat which in the process may close more sales.

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