Configuring Password Options for Customers in Magento 2

Configuring Password Options for Customers in Magento 2

Password is a unique string that each customers uses to login to the websites and access their accounts. As humans, it is quite normal that we have the tendency to forget the passwords and hence every website offers options in order to reset the passwords. Magento 2 also offers options for customers to reset their passwords and also provides options for admin to reset customer’s passwords on behalf of the customers.

Today we will be looking into various password options that we can configure from the Magento admin panel.

  1. Login to Magento 2 Admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration.

  3. Click open the Customers tab and click on the Customer Configuration.

  4. Expand the Password Options group.
  5. The Password Reset Protection Type is the method how Magento would validate your users to distinguish between fake users. It is recommended to be set to “ By IP and Email” so that customers will be validated both by the IP address from which they are trying to access the site and also the email id that they are trying to login or reset the password.
  6. The Max Number of Password Reset Requests is the number of the times the customer can request for password resets within an hour. If set to 0, then it will be unlimited.
  7. Min Time Between Password Reset Requests field can be configured to prevent spam password reset requests as it will block out users from continuously sending password reset requests.
  8. The Forgot Email Template can be configured the email that the customer would receive when they request for Forgot Password option in the website login page.
  9. The Remind Email Template can be configured to send mail to the customer with an hint for the password so that they can recognize their forgotten password.
  10. The Reset Password Template is the mail that will be triggered after the customer has reset their password.
  11. The Password Template Email Sender is the from email that we can configure for all the  forgot password, reminder and reset emails.

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