Schedule Design Change for Products in Magento 2

Schedule Design Change for Products in Magento 2

Products are the core of any Ecommerce and promoting any specific products during any special event or occasion is an inevitable activity in the ecommerce store management. Magento provides various options for this. We have the flexibility to design custom product pages and plan to launch it only for any specific time period.

Following are the steps to configure design change for products in Magento 2:

  1. Login to Magento 2 Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Catalog -> Products.

  3. Click the Edit option on the product that you want to change the design.
  4. Click open the Schedule Design Change section and specify the Schedule Update From and To date. The new design will be applied based on the from and to date that you specify in these fields.
  5. Choose the New Theme that you want to switch to during the From and To period.
  6. Choose the New Layout if you would like to change the layout inside the theme.

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