Configure Payment Failed Email in Magento 2

Payment failed email is the mail notification that is automatically triggered to customers whenever they are trying to place the order and the payment process didn’t go through successfully. It informs the customer about the payment failure that they have experienced in the checkout. You will need to enable the SMTP though to ensure that the mail is reached to the inbox of the customer.

Configure Payment Failed Email in Magento 2

Notifying customers about the payment failure is a way to retain the customer as they are given a timely alert about the unsuccessfully payment and hence they can try to process the payment again properly. Magento 2 provides options to configure sender& recipient email and email template to be used for payment failure mail notification.

Below are the steps to configure Payment Failure notification in Magento 2:

      1. Login to Magento 2 admin panel.
      2. Navigate to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration.

      3. Click on the “Checkout” menu item under the “Sales” tab.

      4. Click open the “Payment Failed Emails” group.
      5. Here you can configure the Payment Failed Email Sender, Receiver and also the email template for Payment failed email notification.

      6. You can also opt to setup a copy of the Payment Failed email and also specify the copy method (Bcc, Separate Email).
      7. Once you are done with configuration changes, click on the Save button to save the values.

These emails are important to notify customer promptly about their transaction failure status so that they can contact the bank or payment provider for more information and also make the payment again in order to successfully purchase the products.

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