The 3 Keys to B2B Success by Magento extension

The e-commerce industry has transformed the way business is transacted today. The various business models involved have shrunk and brought together the ends of the Earth.

The 3 Keys to B2B Success by Magento extension

Business models like B2C have made buying and selling so smooth and seamless that customers hardly have to break a sweat over anything these days. 

B2C and B2B are two completely different ball games, with B2B far more complex than the rather simple and straightforward B2C approach. Magento extensions weigh in when it comes to making things easy for the various business models. Some of the noteworthy top Magento extensions are:   

1. Easy Contact Form

Visitors can submit the details of inquiry/feedback in the provided form in the website. This extension facilitates embedding the quick contact form anywhere in the site easily. To avert spammers from the website CAPTCHA enabled Easy Contact forms can be used. Contact Forms can be configured to send email or save messages to database admin panel or in both.                                 

2. Sale Countdown Timer

Special offers and deals can drive customers to a point of no return. However, these offers and promotions come with time constraints. And it would be highly significant to display the expiration time so as to give a sense of the duration left for the offer. And this is where the module Sales Countdown Timer takes the spotlight. In times of holidays and festivity when store owners have special sales and want to display the longevity of the offer, this countdown timer can come in real handy.    

3. Easy Product Sales Counter

Showcasing the popularity of store products by dynamically displaying the sales count of individual products is a very smart way of keeping the customers on their toes.  Easy Product Sales Counter (EPSC) Extension helps articulate this function seamlessly. Both online and offline sales are made to drive customers.

4. Social Login Extension

In the interest of letting customers log into the site using their social media accounts like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on Magento Social Login Extension comes into play. It facilitates the customers to choose up to 18 types of social accounts to log in. It helps provide a new password to use a separate account after customers log in with their social accounts. And in an attempt to add a personal touch it also helps change the position of the social login bar.   

 Buying one of these awesome Magento extensions will provide great customer experience to the buyers and visitors of your online stores. Contact us to get one today!

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