Configuring Domain Name in Shopify

Configuring Domain Name in Shopify

Utmost care must be taken when choosing domain names as it is what your website users would be using to visit your website. Also that it is pretty evident that you wouldn’t be changing your domain name very often and hence it needs to be configured right the first time you do it. We will look into the step involved in configuring domain name for your Shopify website.

If you are running a free trial Shopify setup or have created the store from Shopify Partner panel, your domain name would be something like the below until you convert your account into a paid plan:

Once you have your Shopify account converted into one of the paid plans, your next step would be to purchase a domain name or configure the domain that you have already purchased.

  1. Login to Shopify Panel.
  2. Navigate to Sales Channels -> Online Store -> Domains.

Register New Domain and Configure:

  1. If you haven’t purchased any domain names yet and would like to register for a new one, click on the “Buy new domain” button.

      2. Enter the domain name that you wish to register for in the text field. As and when you enter, Shopify would display the available domain names and price for each of them. Click on the “Buy” button to enter the Billing Information (Card Details) and proceed on with the Purchase process to register the domain.

Configure already existing Domain:

  1. If you have purchased a domain name already, click on the “Connect existing domain” link.

       2. Enter the domain name in the text field and click on the “Next” button.

      3. Next, to that, you will need to do it to update the A record in you domain registrar website. You can following the link provided below from the Shopify official site. We are posting the link here since the IP may subject to change in the future:

     4. Once you are done with updating the A record, click on the “Verify connection” button to test out your connection.

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