Manage Products Visibility

Manage Products Visibility

Change product visibility of a single product:

  • Login to the Shopify Panel.
  • Navigate to Products -> All Products:

  • Click on any one of the Product title from the list to edit a product or click on the “Add Product” button to add the new product:

  • In the product add the page or in the product edit page, there will be a section on the top right “Sales Channels”. Click on the “Manage” link:

  • Clicking on the “Manage” link would display a popup “Manage sales channels availability”. If you have multiple sales channels configured, you can specify on which sales channel you want to product to be not available by just unchecking the checkbox that is present near the respective sales channels. Checking these checkboxes would just make the products visible on those channels.

  • Once you click on the “Done” button and save the product, it would stop displaying on those Sales Channels.

Change product visibility of multiple products:

  • Bulk updating product visibility is also very simple. On the products listing page, just click on the checkboxes to the left of each of the products.

  • Clicking on the Actions button would display a drop-down. You can either choose “Make products available” to display the products in the sales channels or choose “Make products unavailable” to stop selling the products.

  • Clicking on any one of the options would display a popup wherein you can choose the Sales Channels. Check or Uncheck the checkboxes corresponding to each of the sales channels and click on the “Make products unavailable” or “Make products available” button.

  • Once the settings have got successfully saved, the product's visibility would get displayed below the product title in the list page.

Using product inventory:

  • You can also manage the product's visibility by configuring the Inventory. Select the products using the checkboxes corresponding to each of the products and clicking on the Actions button would display a drop-down. You can choose “Stop selling when sold out“ or “Continue selling when sold out”.

  • Choosing “Stop selling when sold out” would stop the products from getting listed in the Catalog once the product is Out of Stock and “Continue selling when sold out” would list the products in the catalog even when it is out of stock.
  • Managing this would help you prevent unwanted refund processing if products got sold when it is out of stock.

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